The economy is suffering but you don’t have to…

So far this year Northeast Ohio has had a mild summer, and only mild pest problems.  Not like some years – remember the Asian lady beetles a few years ago?  And then one year it was earwigs by the thousands!   This year the bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets have shown up, but again not in large numbers as in past years.   But whatever your problem is, don’t feel you have to suffer all summer with it.  Give us a call – we promise to give you the peace of mind you deserve and at a reasonable price.


Fighting Fall Invaders

The leaves are changing, jack-o-lanterns are adorning front porches, and insects and rodents are heading for your home. The way to STOP them is to protect the home’s perimeter.

Perimeter treatment from State Pest Solutions is a great way to prevent overwintering pest from becoming a problem.  Your busy schedule is not a problem – access into the home is not needed.

And you would be surprised about just how many Fall pests there are.  People are reporting springtails, as well as yellow jackets, hornets, silverfish, rodents, centipedes, and ants.

In Ohio we ALWAYS see an increase in mice and spiders –  neither one of which is welcome as we enter the holiday season.  When you turn on the heat, you are likely to see an increase in occasional invaders. 

Along with calling State Pest Solutions for a perimeter treatment, here are some tips to enhance our treatment:

  • Remove alternative food sources – ensure trash cans have tight-fitting lids
  • Seal exterior gaps
  • Confirm that doors and windows are screened appropriately
  • Move firewood away from the home
  • Remove clutter away from the foundation
  • Remove excess mulch from around the foundation – use gravel or lava rock when possible
  • Trim bushes and trees away from the structure
  • Ensure all vents (especially attic and soffits) are screened
  • Reduce excessive moisture
  • Make sure gutters are clean and functioning
  • Remove dead trees, stumps and landscape timbers
  • Trim overhanging limbs and branches

So call us now for peace-of-mind protection this fall and winter at 330-494-6199!

Start Saving Money NOW – With Attic Capping!

Winter is on the way, temperatures are falling, and fuel bills are rising!  Now is the time to get a FREE attic inspection from State Pest Solutions.  We will evaluate your current insulation and compare it to the Department of Energy standards for Ohio.  Currently DOE recommends R-49 insulation, and soon that recommendation will rise to R-60! 

Most Ohio homes DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH INSULATION!  You could be letting hard-earned cash escape right through your roof!

Our certified installers can add additional insulation to your attic in just one day.  In most cases the job will pay for itself in 2-3 years and after that you’ll be keeping money in your pocket!

And here’s more good news – our unique insulation is the BEST on the market!  It not only provides quiet comfort, but it KILLS TERMITES AND BUGS TOO!

Call us at 330-494-6199 to make your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, quieter all year long.

On the Rise…

Seeing more ants lately?  How about carpenter bees, or other insects?  Maybe even mice, or those disgusting roaches?  They are “always out there”, waiting to make your life miserable.  How about a little “peace of mind” instead?   State Termite & Pest Solutions is waiting to hear from you.  Just give us a call at 330-494-6199 or one of our other local numbers and we will soon be on the way to help you have a better day.  

Spring Fling (and Stings…)

OK, folks, winter is over, Spring is well under way, and Summer is in sight.  This means Mother Nature is no longer playing Mr. Nice Guy…errrr, Ms. Nice Lady!  She has launched her full assault on us, kinda like a surge!  You know what I mean.  More ants, more bees, more everything!  Now, you can try to ignore them and hope they will go away, or you can take charge right now and GIVE US A CALL!  We’re trained, ready, and prepared to do battle for you!  We have the techniques to make your home, business, or school as pest-free as possible. 

Selling your house – finally?

The real estate market is certainly in tatters.  We work every day with realtors and home owners who are trying to sell their precious property.  After you finally get an offer, you want nothing to go wrong that might hurt the deal.  But they told you that you had to have a “termite inspection”  for closing, right?  And what if we find something, like evidence of termites, or carpenters ants?  Will the buyers run away screaming in fright?  The answer is, no.   Termites and carpenter ants in northern Ohio are just a fact of life.  We have often heard the saying that most homes either have had, or will have one or the other. 

If termite evidence is found, it is not the end of the world.  State Termite has the knowledge, skills, and technology to treat your home effectively and in an enviromentally sound manner.  Termites can be eliminated, and the property can be placed on an annual program that will insure that any future termite incursions will be quickly controlled.  And in the meantime, the house will not fall down.  It is very seldom, and usually only in the most extreme cases that any serious structural damage is found. 

Carpenter ants are even more prevalent than termites in our area.  Those “one or two black ants” are often an indicator of a much larger ant colony somewhere in the structure.  Carpenter ants are considered a “wood destroying insect” because although they do not actually eat wood, they hollow out wooden boards in an effort to create living space for their colony. 

Again, if we find evidence of carpenter ants, rest assure that the deal will go through.  We will not only treat for the ants – we will also place your property under a full year protection program, so that if takes more than one treatment to fully eliminate the ants (which it often does), the new homeowner can rest assured that the problem will be taken care of. 

Restaurants – We’re Here to Help You!

Waiter – There’s a fly in my soup!  Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of restaurant owners than a customer complaint about bugs.  Not only do you lose at least one meal revenue, but that customer may never come back.  In sensitive accounts such as this, you need an expert.  And that’s us.  We know restaurant environments and challenges, and we will work with you to provide a pest-free, healthy setting for your customers.   Call us today.